Account Based Marketing in Japan with Robert Heldt

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we welcome Robert Heldt, the CEO of Custom Media. Serving as a comprehensive B2B agency, Custom Media specializes in providing marketing, branding, and PR solutions tailored to global enterprises seeking to establish or grow their presence in the Japanese market. Under Robert’s leadership, Custom Media extends its expertise to diverse industries such as technology, manufacturing, energy, real estate, and finance. In 2023 Custom Media also won the Campaign Asia’s Japan/Korea Content Marketing Agency of the Year Award.

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Show Notes

(00:00): Introduction
(02:07): What is ABM (Account Based Marketing)
(04:04): What was B2B Marketing like before this?
(10:30): Why are companies switching to ABM?
(20:40): What are some of the risks implemented in ABM?
(23:56): Does ABM work in Japan
(26:16): Additional methods and differences used in Japan
(29:33): How many meetings does it take to get good information?
(31:01): International software that works well in Japan
(37:51): What are some domestic software that works well in Japan?
(40:02): What areas of ABM are harder to adapt or learn?
(42:06): Example of a company you helped, how you did it, and the results they saw

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