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Seeking investment in Japan with Terrie Lloyd

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Episode Summary

We all hear about angel investment and venture capital for tech startups on the news and other media sources, but what about people who want to get investment but are not creating the next billion-dollar silicon valley unicorn company? How does one qualify for such funding and who should they approach? 

Tune in to the Scaling Japan podcast for our highly-requested talk with serial entrepreneur Terrie Lloyd who, for over 20 years, has been guiding businesses hands on and through his consultancy agency in Japan to navigate these challenges. Terrie has established 20 companies in Japan and has brought his investors 8 successful earn-outs, as well as amassing a large following of like-minded entrepreneurs in Japan via his long-running newsletter on business in Japan: Terrie’s Take.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners looking to expand their business in Japan
  • Business owners who want to get investment to grow their company faster
  • Business owners who want to impress potential investors and make a good impression

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Links From Guest Appearance

  • Find out more about Terrie Lloyd on their LinkedIn
  • Check out Terrie’s magazine for expert insights into the business landscape of Japan.

Show Summary

5:00 An introduction to investing in Japan – this isn’t West Coast USA

7:35 Japantravel.com: A case study, from crowdfunding to corporate investment

13:30 How to get an audience and earn the trust of investors – ‘showing skin in the game’

23:00 Fundraising in Japan: the hurdles a company could face when searching for investors and how to overcome them

27:00 Salaries, debt, and liquidity, do not fear the credit card

33:00 Shareholders and contracts = ratchet clauses and making guarantees to early investors

40:40 Japan Inc. holdings – helping to build bridges in Japan…literally!

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